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Amity Solutions provides all four contracting options to our Clients and Agents. As a freelancer or contractor or temp you want to take the maximum take home without much paper work and working within the compliance and legislation.

We will provide a Personal Illustrations with all the possible options. This will explain the BEST solution to your requirements. You can choose what’s best for you, based on the personal circumstances. If circumstances change, we can find the alternative and help you to switch so it’s easy for you. In short it’s a total solution for a free lancer.

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  • We provide one of the most attractive umbrella service solutions available in the market…..
    As a contractor or freelancer you have the opportunity to take home more of your income…..
    Many self employed people wish to retain that status for the flexibility and freedom it affords…..
    Amity CIS solution is suitable for Self-employed working in the construction industry…..