Self-employed FAQ’s

How do I register with HMRC?

Firstly, if you have not done already, register for self-employment by calling HMRC on 0845 915 4515 (opening times are 8am-8pm on Monday to Friday, and 8am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday). You will then be sent a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number. We can also assist you with Self Employment registration if you want us to do it.

How do I register with Amity for Sole Trader Service?

Our registration process takes minutes and be done electronically, or by telephone. We require the following information, either by fax, post or scanned and attached to an email:

Copy of the photo pages of your passport or your photo driver’s licence

Copy of a valid work visa/permit (if applicable)

Can I claim expenses?

Expense claims which are chargeable to your client are usually completed following their own processes. It is your responsibility to ensure that these are approved and submitted according to the processes outlined in your contract.

Expense claims that are not chargeable to the client may be offset against your income to reduce your tax liability. We recommend that you keep detailed records and receipts in respect of your costs. We can assist you the best way to keep the records.

Please forward copies of all expense claims by email or fax to us at:

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 02089529980

Do  I need to keep receipts?

Yes, it is very important that you keep receipts for any expenses, including fuel receipts for mileage and for any subsistence during the day. These receipts need to be kept for six years after the Tax Year End.

What about National Insurance?

As a self-employed contractor you will pay Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance contributions. The current rates are as follows:

  • Class 2 National Insurance contributions are paid at a flat rate of £2.70 a week
  • Class 4 National Insurance contributions are paid as a percentage of your annual taxable profits – 9 per cent on profits between £7,755 and £41,450, and a 1 per cent on profits over that amount.

Class 2 National Insurance contributions are paid either monthly by Direct Debit or by quarterly bill. Class 4 National Insurance contributions are paid when you pay your Income Tax.

If your profits are expected to be less than £5,725 you may not have to pay Class 2 National Insurance contributions.

How do I prove my earnings if I want to apply for a mortgage?

We can provide you with the necessary documentation in this respect and indeed put you in touch with specialists who facilitate mortgages for sole traders.

What happens at the end of the tax year?, Do I need to do Self Assessment?

Yes, As a self-employed contractor it is necessary to file your Self Assessment Tax Return by 31 January of each year if done online, or the previous 31 October if not submitted online.

Fixed penalties are imposed if these deadlines are not met. The tax you pay will be calculated after you claim your expenses. Amity can complete your tax return for you – just ask for a quote.

Can I work on more than one contract at the same time?

Yes, you can work on multiple contracts at the same time at no additional cost.

What do I do if I wish to leave you or my circumstances change?

Once you have informed us that you are leaving, we will collect all outstanding funds and make a final payment to your bank account.

Do I get Statutory Benefits ?

As you are self employed you are only entitled to the income we receive on your behalf; less our fee and CIS deduction. There are no additional benefits offered e.g. holiday pay, statutory sick pay, pensions, paternity/maternity pay.

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