Claiming Expenses

A big benefit of working through the Amity Umbrella Company is being able to claim legitimate expenses. Every pound you claim will increase the amount you take home by a 40p.

HMRC states that ‘expenses must be incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your duties’. We take your tax very seriously and we don’t want you to get on the wrong side of HMRC or become liable for extra tax.

Some Expenses That You Can Claim

Mileage & Travel: You may claim a mileage allowance if you use your own vehicle for travelling to and from work or other travel costs incurred in the process of carrying out your duties.

Subsistence: If you are at work for a certain number of hours you may be able to claim meal expenses.

Accommodation: You can claim for this if you are staying away from your normal permanent address in the course of your work

Telephone: You can claim specifically for business calls, not private calls or line rental

Professional Fees: If you belong to a professional body you may find that your fees and subscriptions are allowable legitimate expenses

Tools / Clothing: You can claim for industrial tools and safety wear that is solely for your use at work

Other Expenses: If there are other expenses to which you think you might be entitled, contact HMRC or Amity to get advice.

Read our detailed Expense Guide

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