Getting Started

How to get Started in three steps

  1. Download and complete the application form or call us and we can get the registrations done on the phone. We will then set you up as an employee of Amity Umbrella Limited, which takes no more than 24 hours. We will send you two copies of your contract of employment (it is important that you sign and return one copy), together with other important documents.
  2. You inform the agency or company the date from which you will be working through Amity Umbrella Ltd, and we will contact and setup the necessary processes with them.
  3. Simply login using your username and password, upload your timesheet and expenses and we do the rest

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  • We provide one of the most attractive umbrella service solutions available in the market…..
    As a contractor or freelancer you have the opportunity to take home more of your income…..
    Many self employed people wish to retain that status for the flexibility and freedom it affords…..
    Amity CIS solution is suitable for Self-employed working in the construction industry…..